Stone Circles

Stone Circles of Cumbria

Discover three of Britain’s ancient monuments built by our Stone Age ancestors, starting with Long Meg and Her Daughters, a stone circle ingrained with mystery and legend.  At the wonderful Mayburgh Henge we will reveal the purpose behind these monuments.  The final stop is probably the most breathtaking, Castlerigg Stone Circle.  Exploring this ancient site,  surveying the landscape which was once so important to our ancestors, is a visceral experience, one which you will remember forever.

Full Day Tour

(approx. 7 hours)

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The tour starts at with one of the best and most iconic drives in Britain according to The Independent.  The road snakes up over the ‘North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.  We will stop at The Hartside Pass to enjoy the view and for photo opportunities.

Down the hills into Cumbria we’ll visit the beautifully named, Long Meg and Her Daughters.  The third biggest stone circle in Britain it is hard to convey the scale of this monument.  We will give you some archaeological facts but also some of the legends, which are just as fascinating as the stones themselves.

Morning coffee can be taken at Little Selkeld Watermill, a quirky hidden gem.

Mayburgh Henge, is a very unassuming monument, discreetly nestled into the landscape so much so that most people would drive past without even realising it’s there.  This wonderful site will reveal the purpose of these monuments and their importance to our Stone Age ancestors.

Dine in one of the local inns for lunch.

Our final stop is the most breathtaking, Castlerigg Stone Circle.  This stunning monument is certainly one of the oldest stone circles in Britain, and possibly one of the first ever stone circles to be constructed.  Exploring this ancient site,  surveying the mountains and valleys surrounding you, which were once so vitally important to our ancestors, is a visceral experience, one which you will remember forever.

  • Long Meg and Her Daugthers
  • Mayburgh Henge
  • Castlerigg Stone Circle

£95 per person

  • Complimentary transport included for 2-4 people
  • Tours in English
  • Tours for 2-4 people
  • Tours for larger groups are also available
  • Group price available

Please ring the office to book on – 01434 688386 or email


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