The Saxons

Meet the Ancestors, an education programme for schools, museums and events. The sessions we provide are interactive, fun and informative!  We can tailor events to suit your requirements.


Meet Ecgfrith – Saxon King of Northumbria

Ecgfrith was king of Northumbria at the height of its power. Northumbria stretched from the Humber river to Edinburgh in modern day Scotland. The Anglo- Saxon kings were deeply religious warriors. Ecgfrith will discuss the role of an early king, the division of Britain into smaller provinces and how Christianity spread from Ireland to the north of Britain. The session will look at Anglo-Saxon art in the form of shield design.

Activities can include:

Shield design & Shield Walls

Beowulf – The Legendary Poem

Telling the story of Beowulf in a light-hearted and fun way. The interactive tale has been adapted to be suitable for children.

Activity includes:

Interactive Family Friendly Storytelling


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