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Wild Dog Outdoors bring you, Meet the Ancestors historical education sessions.  The sessions are interactive, fun and informative!

The sessions are suitable for in-school workshops or field trips to archaeological sites.  All of our session meet the requirements for the National Curriculum and much more!

The sessions bring history to life, providing information and activities for all levels.  The sessions are set out with in depth information on each historic period.  The children take part in activities and crafts from each era to help highlight each time period and provide materials and subjects to reflect on  throughout the project. Follow the link to our  video to see what we offer.

Please let us know if you would like to speak to one of the schools we work with for a reference.

Sessions include:

  • Stone Age – Travel through the stone age.  Starting with a Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer, moving to a Neolithic Farmer, then to the Bronze Age beaker culture.
  • Iron Age – Meet local Warrior Chieftain Venutius of the Brigantes tribe.  Combine this session with our Roman session to provide a fuller picture of the Roman Occupation of Northern Britain.
  • Roman Britain – Meet Gambax Roman Centurion who served on Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Saxon Britain – The legend of Beowulf is a classic tale of brave warriors.  Hear the interactive story direct from Beowulf the Geet Warrior and Ecgfrith king of Northumbria

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