Wild Dog Event Work

The team at Wild Dog Outdoors are available to work public events as an attraction for the event you are organising.  We provide focus and entertainment with an educational aspect.  Our team cover:

The Stone Age

● Paeleolithic Hunter-Gatherer
● Neolithic Farmer
● The Beaker People

Celtic Cultures

● The Celtic Warrior Cheiftain
● The Celtic Druidess

The Romans

● The Roman Centurion
● The Auxiliary Soldier
● The Roman Doctor

The Saxons

● The Early Saxon King
● The Telling of Beowulf
● The Saxon Monk

Early Medieval Periods

● The Norman Knight
● The Knight Hospitillar
● Man-At-Arms
● The Medieval Healers

Our workshops can include:

● Fire Lighting – with traditional techniques
● Making Cordage – from plant materials
● Net making
● Throwing Arrows
● Wheat Grinding – using quern stones
● Pottery for kids
● Weapons Demonstrations
● Stone Age Art
● Celtic Language
● Celtic Spells, Myths and Legends
● Shield Design
● Face Painting
● Historical Games
● Shield Wall Combat
● Interactive Storytelling
● Make-Your-Own Great Helm
● Make-Your-Own Wand

Information discussed includes:

● Weapons and Armour
● Battle Tactics
● Lifestyle
● Cultural Beliefs
● Technology
● Gender Roles


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