Whether you are an experienced bushcraft enthusiast or a complete novice, the sessions we offer are ideal for everyone.

If you are new to the outdoors we will help develop your abilities to build confidence.  If you have lots of bushcraft experience we will concentrate on expanding your skills with new challenges.  Our instructors will tailor the session to suit all needs.

The sessions show how we have evolved over thousands of years from living an entirely outdoor lifestyle as hunter-gatherers to our modern lives.  We show a mix of prehistoric and modern skills to ensure you enjoy your time outdoors to the max. Learn about the plants and animals in the local area, how to cook on an open fire, build your own shelter and much more…

Our instructors are friendly and love sharing back country skills, they are there to support you in a relaxed atmosphere. The kettle is always boiling over a roaring log fire.  Join us and learn new bushcraft skills so you get more out of your next outdoor adventure!

For younger members of the family the bushcraft kids parties are perfect.

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  • Hi there, I recently was lucky enough to be part of a team building day with the Marine Management Organisation and I loved your sessions.

    My brother is 50 on 5th August 2017 and I know he would love to learn more about how to survive outdoors. I was thinking of camping with him and his kids and wondered if there were any bushcraft sessions on to make a day of it. There would be 4 adults and two children (one 10 years old and one 14 years old).

    No problem if not but thought I would ask.



  • Hi I’m interested in doing a bushcraft session on either 26 or 27 July? (Not much notice but asking just in case!

    There will be 2 adults and 6 kids aged 4 to 11 years.
    Many thanks

  • Hi
    Can I just ask you a couple of questions? I’m interested in learning some outdoor skills and especially spending a night outdoors in a home made shelter.
    Do your courses run all year round?
    I’m not part of a group so do these courses run at fixed dates and would I just join in with another group on a course?
    Kind regards