Wild Dog Outdoors is Re-Branding as Ancient Britain

We are re-branding – Wild Dog Outdoors as Ancient Britain:

taking into account that history is the common thread between all the activities we provide, this makes good sense.


2018 was the five year anniversary of Wild Dog Outdoors!  Yey us!  When we started out on this journey, we knew we intended to do guided walks, tours, bushcraft and education.  We needed an umbrella name, a generic term that covered everything.  So Wild Dog Outdoors was perfect for this!

Naturally, the company grew and developed over the last five years.  Now we realise history is the common thread between all the activities we provide.

As such we are going to re-brand ourselves: Ancient Britain.

We hope you like our new name and that you are as excited about this as we are!  It feels right.  It feels good.  Our new name sums up what we do in two words.

Everything else is staying the same.  If needed, you will still be able to contact us though Wild Dog Outdoors.

Our new Ancient Britain website will be launched in early January.  Keep a look out on social media.

So whilst we are sad to leave the name Wild Dog Outdoors behind us, we are excited to move forward towards Ancient Britain.

Big plans are afoot.

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