Our Mascot – Brasca

Brasca is a very important member of the team.  On long office days he offers moral support to Kevin and Sara.  Brasca’s greatest passion in life is chasing other little furry animals such as  rabbits, cats, squirrels, and birds.  He also loves sleeping in the sun, food, eating bubble bath and going for long walks.  For Brasca, it’s the simple things that matter!  He is the ultimate outdoor enthusiast.

Kev Robson

From the age of 18 Kevin travelled the world for 4 years, living in places such as, Spain, Cornwall, Australia, New Zealand, & Italy. After returning home, he set up his own construction business in 2006.  Kev’s true passion is for outdoor living and adventure. He pursued his dream of becoming an outdoor activity instructor and developed his bushcraft skills in relation to primitive living skills. His primary interest is in cultures from prehistoric Britain. Kev’s knowledge of working with wood is proving handy when it comes to making Neolithic bows.  Kev’s a very active guy, his hobbies include: diving, climbing, caving, bushcraft, skiing and travelling. He likes nothing better than sleeping out under the stars. In the spring of 2013 he set up Wild Dog Outdoors with his wife Sara.

Sara Robson

Sara studied photography at Newcastle College and upon graduating worked for The Vindolanda Trust for three years.  She then worked for Allout Adventures at Slaley Hall.

She loves nothing more than long walks with her dog and has happily admitted she could walk miles all day, every day. She started organising walks after the death of her Grandma prompted her to arrange a charity walk along Hadrian’s Wall.  She went on to walk St Oswalds Way, and trail blazed a memorial walk for Kev’s Gran, which went from Co. Durham to Gilnockie Tower in the Scottish Borders.  In 2013 she started arranging cultural tours with Joseph Jackson from Cumbria Heritage.

Our Emblem – The African Wild dog

We chose the Wild Dog as our emblem because of their legendary adaptability, tenacity, successful hunting and above all, they are great team players.  Teamwork is an essential part of their survival, and these small dogs can take down prey much larger than themselves, all because they work together.

Lycaon pictus is known as the African Wild Dog.  You may also know it as the Cape hunting dog, African hunting dog, painted dog, spotted dog or the painted wolf.


Joseph Jackson

Joseph Jackson; was born in Penrith, Cumbria and comes from a long line of butchers, farmers, miners, and Viking’s, he is also a descendant of William the Conquer.  He served for a time with the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment.  Joseph then followed his childhood dream of being an archaeologist and graduated from University with a joint honours degree in Archaeology and Heritage Management. Since 2007 Joseph has worked on over 34 archaeological excavations.  His main passion is education within schools.  Joseph’s now owns Cumbria Heritage where he still works as an archaeologist and consultant.

Anja Phoenix

Anja grew up in rural Cheshire and is now based in the Lake District.  She drew on her 12 years professional experience as a self-employed teacher and her Mountain Leader qualification to create her company, Tale Trails.  Anja initially wrote a series of story walks that focused on giving children the opportunity to get outside, explore and have fun. She has now published over 8 Tale Trails and works as a freelance writer and researcher. Writing has become a real passion, and combining this with the outdoor environment is a dream come true.

Linus Morton

Linus has a BSc Hons in Environmental Studies from Northumbria University (2004) and an MSc in Environmental Biogeochemistry from Newcastle University (2010). He has worked for environmental charities and Northumberland County Council managing some of their outdoor facilities. His experience includes working on ecological surveys and he has organised and hosted many events from community consultation to family fun days.

Born and raised in Northumberland Linus has picked wild mushrooms for over 20 years and nearly everything he cooks includes some wild produce, including wild plants, herbs, flowers and fungi, nuts seeds and berries, seaweeds and game. He enjoys taking game from field to table; continually developing delicious meaty foodstuffs from rich gamey pates to succulent spicy chorizo.