Our Mascot – Brasca

Brasca was a very important member of the team.  On long office days he offered moral support to Kevin and Sara.  Brasca’s greatest passion in life was chasing other little furry animals such as  rabbits, cats, squirrels, and birds.  He also loved sleeping in the sun, food, eating bubble bath and going for long walks.  For Brasca, it was the simple things that mattered!  He was the ultimate outdoor enthusiast, and will always be an inspiration to us! 2004-2017

Kev Robson

From the age of 18 Kevin travelled the world for 4 years, living in places such as, Spain, Cornwall, Australia, New Zealand, & Italy. After returning home, he set up his own construction business in 2006.  Kev’s true passion is for outdoor living and adventure. He pursued his dream of becoming an outdoor activity instructor and developed his bushcraft skills in relation to primitive living skills. His primary interest is in cultures from prehistoric Britain. Kev’s knowledge of working with wood is proving handy when it comes to making Neolithic bows.  Kev’s a very active guy, his hobbies include: diving, climbing, caving, bushcraft, skiing and travelling. He likes nothing better than sleeping out under the stars. In the spring of 2013 he set up Wild Dog Outdoors with his wife Sara.

Sara Robson

Sara studied photography at Newcastle College, gaining a Foundation Degree. During that time, Sara worked as a 35mm projectionist at The Forum Cinema in Hexham (one of the oldest Cinemas in the country).  After college she started working for The Vindolanda Trust, and re-discovered her love of early history.  She started organising long distance charity walks, after the death of her Grandmother prompted her to arrange a sponsored walk along Hadrian’s Wall for Motor Neurone Disease.  She went on to walk St Oswald’s Way for The British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Heart Unit at the Freeman.  She also trail blazed a memorial walk for Kevin’s Gran, raising money for Bowel Disease Research.  Sara moved towards the outdoor sector and worked at the outdoor activity centre Allout Adventures for a few years, before setting up Wild Dog Outdoors with Kevin.  Wild Dog Outdoors is a culmination of all her interests in photography, history and outdoor activities.

Our Emblem – The African Wild dog

We chose the Wild Dog as our emblem because of their legendary adaptability, tenacity, successful hunting and above all, they are great team players.  Teamwork is an essential part of their survival, and these small dogs can take down prey much larger than themselves, all because they work together.

Lycaon pictus is known as the African Wild Dog.  You may also know it as the Cape hunting dog, African hunting dog, painted dog, spotted dog or the painted wolf.