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Journey Back in Time With Wild Dog Outdoors!

If you love outdoor adventure, wish to time-travel back to the land of the Ancient Britons and wouldn’t mind handling a Celtic sword, assessing the weight of chain mail clothing, or imagining life as the lord or lady of a historic castle, then a guided tour of Hadrian’s Wall or Northumberland is for you. The passionate team at Wild Dog Outdoors to take you on an incredible journey.

Kevin and Sara Robson are not your typical tour guides. Nor are they your usual costumed re-enactor. What they are is best described as port-keys to the past, opening up the world of other people, at other times, through compelling landscape interpretation and a profound knowledge of the Stone and Bronze Ages, the Roman occupation, the savage Border Reivers, the devoted medieval saints, some of history’s biggest sinners and the driven, fiercely Catholic Jacobites.

Unusually, given that theirs are largely outdoor tours that bring the landscape to life, is the fact that the weather has no bearing on your enjoyment of their award-winning experience, which is just as well, as it unravels in England’s far-north, close to the Scottish border and sometimes in the Lake District (renowned for its rainfall!). If anything, a wet day enhances the offering, allowing you to imagine exactly how a Roman auxiliary manning Hadrian’s Wall might have felt, as he spent time around his designated milestone, or tramping over the hills bearing weapons, utensils and a whole range of other heavy equipment on his back.

A Wild Dog Outdoors experience is completely immersive, plunging you into a world conjured up by evocative and unscripted explanations, profound insight and authentic props, with the team painting scenes, minute after minute, against the visual backdrop of the stunning Northumberland and the Roman Wall constructed by Hadrian and his legions.